Mexican Vibes

I got to give a short talk at June's IGDA Scotland meetup about my reaction and approach to the topic of cultural approriation whilst developing the Mexican-themed Yucatan. The slides are available here.

Gear Boxes and Gas Pedals - Car Physics in Unity

I gave a talk at LUUG about vehicle physics and car handling in Unity, using the Wheel Colliders in Unity 5. The slides are one Google Docs.

I got to give this talk a second time at Unite Europe 2016, the Unity conference in Amsterdam.

The Future of Indie Games

I hosted a panel at Intel's Buzz Workshop on the current state and future of indie games.

Backbone JS - Handling Large Collections

I gave a talk at the Backbone.js London meetup on handling large collections. It mainly draws on my experience writing the Autographer desktop application.

The slides are online at

Threes, 2048 & Clones

I gave this talk at the first London Game Space Pecha Kucha night, March 2014. In Pecha Kucha style talks speakers are allowed 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide - they are advanced automatically.

The talk is about Threes, 2048 and clones in general. Watch it below.

HTML5 Games - A Technical Introduction

I originally gave this talk at IGDA London in July 2013. It's an introduction to making games in HTML5, covering 2D and 3D games. There is also some info about the current state of HTML audio - how to play music and sound in a web game - as well as examples and considerations for mobile web games.

I also gave this talk at the London HTML5 Game Developers meet up in October 2013.

View the slides here.

Uprok - HTML5 Codeshow

I gave a short presentation at the HTML5 Codeshow in January 2013 on my HTML5 multiplayer party game Uprok. The slides are here.