A local multiplayer, one button, HTML5 game using Canvas and WebAudio

The game was initially developed during a game jam at the the London Hackspace. It was expanded as an entry to The Experimental Gameplay Project's 5 BUTTONS competition. It has also been at two Wild Rumpus events.

The code

WebAudio for sound

Routing effects (sounds.js:203)

Loading wavs (sounds.js:448, 141; sounds/js/*)

Live tweaking

Use dat.gui

Enable (flyrock.js:165, index.html:286,296)

Making controls (flyrock.js:168)

Effect functions (sounds.js:1)

Load and save (flyrock.js:512)

Moving and drawing

Update positions (don't new) (flyrock.js:1106)

Draw the viewport (flyrock.js:1325)

Joe Bain