6 years ago

At my day job, making wearable cameras, the Autographer, I've just released my first stab at useful open-source software.

Args.js is library for javascript that lets you specify function definitions. You can have optional arguments, named arguments, argument groups and default values for undefined arguments.

Have a look at the home page for examples and the code.

There was some discussion about it on Hacker News too.


6 years ago

via opencv

Image Homography Gone Wrong

6 years ago

Some accidents from investigating transforming images for video stabilisation. When two images aren't very similar the resulting homography can be a bit wacky.


6 years ago

Snake in 31 lines of JS

Press arrow keys to play.

on JSFiddle


6 years ago

A great new album from Fitzroy North labelmate Fade Runner. Check out the last track, Ploup.

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